Surfing Uluwatu on the Bukit Peninsula.
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Rob Machado along with Tai “Buddha” Graham and Marlon Gerber attempt to surf every wave on the Bukit Peninsula. The guys mange to get through Honeymoons, Balangan, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang and finally Uluwatu in 12 hours.

Thanks to their little charter boat they’ve got to cruise around the Bukit Peninsula they can just hop out back and not loose time having to get out into the lineup. Unfortunately due to viewing restricions from the Innersection guys I can’t post it here put you can watch it here: If you’ve ever managed to actually do this please leave a message below, the Bukit Peninsula’s a pretty decent sized place so it would be good to hear how you managed to work your way around the breaks and how were you not paddled out when you managed to finally get out at Uluwatus?

If you’re thinking of paying a visit to the area read our surf camps and surf spots guide to the Bukit Peninsula here and finally for all you surf camp, surf resort or boat charter owners in Bali (not just the Bukit Peninsula) feel free to sign up for a 60 day free trial to put your surf camp or resort on the surf sleep travel map.

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